Chris is a Level 3 coach and Team Director for the St Charles County Bears NICA team. His passion for cycling began in the triathlon world where he has completed 6 full distance IRONMAN triathlon events and dozens of half IRONMAN triathlons.

He has a passion for coaching and has helped others achieve their IRONMAN aspirations as well as a licensed triathlon coach and cycling instructor.

Eventually Chris found his way into off road cycling and has never looked back. When the NICA league was formed, he jumped on the opportunity to get involved and share his passion to the next generation.

“I believe in education, I love to coach. In fact, my entire career has been spent coaching companies, business owners, and individuals on financial concepts. I love what I do, I am proud of the relationships I form, and I am grateful to be in a position to help others achieve their goals”

“Mountain biking involves fine tuning skills, being prepared for the dips in the path, understanding how to navigate obstacles and unforeseen challenges, defining objectives for your individual goals, and enjoying your time on the trail. This is no different than developing financial plans and strategies, often people lose sight of their goals in pursuit of a magic number to achieve. I believe in a different approach, a strategic approach, starting with individual goals, and developing strategies to mitigate anything on the trail that might get you off course”

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